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Shingokan Karate offers self-defence, fitness, coordination, confidence, discipline to students commencing at 4 years.

Shingokan Karate – The Club of Champions has developed into an effective and rewarding training program aimed at teaching life skills and personal development. Suitable for all ages. It is a dynamic karate school which combines the latest coaching methods with traditional values of discipline and respect to maximise results.

The Virginia dojo of Shingokan was established in 2003. 

It is a Goju based style of karate and one of the few clubs in South Australia with a direct lineage to Japan.

Our World Head Instructor is Hanshi Fushimi 8th Dan, who resides in Okayama, Japan.

We are fortunate to have him visit our dojo once a year and we are very proud to teach such a pure line of Goju-Ryu karate.

Fushimi Sensei

Fushimi Sensei



Sensei Bill has been the president of Katare SA and the jkf Goju Kai Australia

He was also the coach of the South Australian team from 1990-1999 where he produced many of South Australia’s champions.

He is now an Australian Karate Federation A grade Referee and officiates at national and international competitions.

Sensei Bills’ experience  spans over 42 years and is one of Australian karate’s most senior and respected figures.

Sensei Matt says he was very fortunate to walk in to Sensei Bill’s dojo in 1987 and become his student.

Together as coach and athlete they formed a formidable team winning many national and international titles.

Sensei Bill is still very active and teaches the seniors class on Monday nights at the Virginia Dojo.

Sensei Bill began training in 1974 at the famous Gunston street dojo in Adelaide known as “the house of pain.”

There he was taught by many Japanese masters for many years.

In 1984 he traveled to Japan for the first of many  training trips.

In a rare Picture below from 1984 is a very young Sensei Bill receiving his jkf Goju Kai 2nd Dan with the famous Sensei Tomoharu Kisaki a direct student of Gojus founder Chogun Miyagi Sensei.


Instructor Sensei Matt Johnson, 4th Dan.

Sensei Matt Johnson has extensive experience with students including children and adults.  His knowledge spans over 29 years coaching students of all abilities, from beginners to elite international level athletes.

He is a National and International Champion including:

  • 10 times Australian Champion
  • Oceania Champion
  • Formerly ranked world number 5
  • South Australian Head Coach
  • Australian National Kumite Coach
  • NCAS Accredited Coach
  • World Karate Federation Certified Coach

Shingokan has an intensive system of instructor training.  All our instructors have undergone many years of training before becoming an instructor.  Your instructors are amongst the most highly qualified in Australia.  Apart from our in house training, instructors are qualified NCAS (National Coaching Accreditation Scheme) level coaches.

Sensei Matt Johnson

Fushimi Sensei

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